My name is Kim Scudamore, I am a psychic, clairvoyant. I have been aware of my psychic ability since I was a child but have been reading professionally for seven years. I don't use tarot cards, although from exprience of having readings with tarot cards they can be extremely accurate, it is just a personal choice. I use the natural ability of clairvoyance and clairsentience which means clear seeing and clear feeling i.e I can see in my mind's eye and sense things that have happened, happening and destined to come. I read you and the energy field around you which is holding information about our predestined lives and the things in life that we have accumulated as memories of events.

As a child I used to see what I now realise were dimensional beings and nature spirts that would visit me and help me.

I don't choose at this time to do mediumship which is apparently a connection to the spirit world - until I can prove that I am connecting with loved ones I don't want to deceive. I do however believe in an afterlife from my own experience as a child but I don't think it is as we have perceived it to date.

I am a reiki practitioner and hold level one certification. I would like to think that a reading with me would be empowering and uplifting.

Look forward to seeing you at Good Timez.

Readings can be performed in your own home for parties of 5 people on an evening or some daytimes, however we do ask that all people recieving a reading do not drink alcohol prior to having a reading with kim.

£25 per reading


Please call - 01179675105 with all enquiries or to make an appointment